GrNiteCh 'Pr' Balls Stylish Hickory Nut Harry (L) w/ John Rich (Trainer)
GrNiteCh 'Pr' Rock River Sackett Jr. (R) w/ Frank Giddings (Owner / Trainer)


Nite Life Kennel was established in 1997. Was originally established as Strickland Kennels back in the 70's with our Grandfather "Ray Strickland". Grandpa loved the outdoors, he loved fishing, hunting , riding horses and etc... Living on the farm was way of life. I can remember the first time he ever took me hunting and I will never forget it. Our GOAL here at Nite Life Kennel is to keep the TRADITION alive! We are here most importantly to have FUN and ENJOY what we do best and that is living the life of the COUNTRY! 

We have established a nice little kennel for some southern country boys. We are NOT rich by any means. We work hard for what we got and we will continue to work hard for what we want. We have been blessed to be able to have such friends as we do and for the haters and nay sayers well GOD BLESS YA!

((( TOP NEWS )))

NITE LIFE KENNEL has had the opportunity to purchase half ownership of GRNITECH CAROLINA CASH! We have partnered with BROKEN ROAD KENNELS (Cleo Moore & Doug Bowers) with Cash. We would like to thank the both of them for such a wonderful opportunity! Cleo & Doug are real good friends of ours and we are PROUD to call them our FRIENDS. Check out more INFO on CASH @ STUD on the AT STUD page!

Thank You,




Check out the HUNTING PIC page for more pics of Hounds and TREE DOGS like BELOW!!


We are qualified to care for and train any type of hound, and have excellent training. We are experienced with hunting and handling dogs. We care for your hound as our own. We have plenty of references available.


"These guys kept a 10 month old bluetic of mine for 30 days he was green as green did not know nothing. After 30 days I picked him up he was running, treeing and striking ahead of the dogs. I am very satisfied they even sent me pics and videos to my cell every night thee next one I get will be taken to them." -- Jessie Cummings , NC

"nite life kennels hunted a dog for me over coon season last winter and I was pleased they kept a journal log. Gave me pics and videos of my dog treeing an getting coon shot out to him thanks guys." -- g. manning, Al

"I dropped off a english female to Nite Life Kennels , she was 14 months old knew a little something. I did not have time to train her they had her for 2 months when I got her back I could drop her by herself and tree coons. She was leash broke and would load on her own. If you need one trained or hunted this is the place." -- Donnie Chavis, SC

97 Sanbryer Ln, Maxton, NC | 910-258-4363

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